Signify Design is an interdisciplinary design studio established in 2006Founded on the belief that design has the power to transform spaces and enhance brand identities, we collaborate with clients all over Canada to compose visually creative solutions for brands and places. Our team of professionals includes some of the brightest and most creative minds in environmental design, interior design, brand development, graphic design, signage and wayfinding. Working with all types of businesses and products, our signature process uncovers the core components of a brand and clearly defines the story in a way that builds consistency, sparks contribution and establishes confidence — inside and outside the organization. At our core is our expertise for signage and wayfinding,  a discipline focused on merging brand identity, information and visual design to help people find their way through complex environments more comfortably and more successfully. We believe if properly designed, it ties together verbal and visual cues throughout your organization: brand, visitor communications, architecture, interiors, lighting and landscape design.

CARPET DESIGN AWARD WINNER                                                                                      SIGN ASSOCIATION OF CANADA MEMBER